Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome Home Jade...

Wow, I cant believe i am actually doing this. Well, i wont say ''doing'' but taking the time out to start my first blog. As i renew my account, I realized that i have been a member since 2007. *looks up to the ceiling* I do not even remember signing up lol. Anyway, I want to take my writing online because I really can not stand my handwriting and I tend to say alot more when I am typing. I name this blog '' Welcome Home Jade'' due to the fact this more of a homecoming for me. Taking my writing to the next level will be exciting. Being in college, I had my few up and downs with what I wanted to do because I did not believe in myself. By looking at each Health major in FAMU, I just knew that science and math was not my thing (I do not even like touching people, so what the heck). To make a long story short, I just want a career where I can write,read and help someone with minor issues that can be solved. There is nothing like taking the time to share ideas with others such as with companies, services, ratings etc etc ANYTHING! I just know this will fit me just well.

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