Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Return

I am returning to my blog with a new mind, attitude and desire. I have been holding back many things because of fear. Fear is just....an emotion but not a good one to have and also a setback. Lets be clear that we all have gone through some phases where we seem to be afraid of everything that comes our way.  As of today, I am making an official return to my blog. On my blog, you should be able to feel some of connection rather it's about work, relationships, family or health. Of course, I don't know all the answers but through experiences and guidance from the best therapist in my area, I am able to share and learn anything that I want.

"I done lost my crown a long long long time agoI shouldn’t let it goI’m searching, tryna find my my my way backWay back to the throneAnd I know if I could climb through, can’t break these wallsThen maybe I’ll get homeI’m taking back what’s mine mine, no more will IBe pushed to the floor"
 Dawn Richard - Return of a Queen  

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