Sunday, June 30, 2013

Surfing Sunday 1

Well... I usually don't watch TV but tonight BET will be presenting BET Awards 2013 LIVE! Of course I am excited to see my favorite celebrities perform etc. I am using my computer to tweet and my phone to send personal messages to those who can't control their mouths on my timeline (just joking). Geesh, can't wait!

By the way, Paula Deen is still having the worst week ever! Her products are flying off the shelves and it's not because of great sales but her racial comment caused her to lose so many endorsements. From my perspective, she has enough sense to know what not to say in public. Some things are just...common sense. Obviously, racial slurs will always remain a problem no matter who you are when you're in the public eye. When are they going to learn?

Anyway, BET Awards = Pure comedy! -Simply Jade 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Switch Up

Starting something new since I love routines so much!

Music Monday - I am always coming across new music and sharing with others so I will starting posting them as well.

Thrill Thursday - Something inspirational or an " in the moment" quote to give people that extra pump.

Surfing Sunday - ''Look what I found!"  or "Guess who's having the best/worst week ever?!" post. =)

You see how I only picked Monday, Thursday and Sunday? One of these days should be your new Friday...

Loving my attitude tonight!-  Simply Jade... 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Give Me My Change Please!

I really think the hardest part about life is change. We learn at a early age that consistency and discipline is the key to success but they never told us what to do when the ambition is gone. They never told us about the "Oh my God, I hate change" moment we may have. Since nothing last forever...why work so hard for things and try to be close to perfect? Do you still want to change now? Currently, I am changing so much to the point that I do things that reminds me of my bad habits. Geesh...that's awful on my behalf but some things are hard to let go of. Focusing on getting better but don't want to do better. Focusing on good living but not ready to live a healthier lifestyle.But what you're REALLY trying to say is "I'm ready for change but who am I changing for? ".

Something gotta give.....-Simply Jade

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Frankly, My Dear...I Just Don't Give a Damn"

I am just having one of those days where I can't get it together. I lied...I have it together but I am finally getting comfortable in my own skin. Yes, I was the uptight individual that had her guard up 24/7 but at this point I just don't give damn. Back then, nobody really wasn't checking on me when I was playing the "Good Girl" role and I used to be mad as hell about that. Also, I used to hate when people say "I'm just going to do me" or " This is who I am" but I am all for it now! You really have to let go of everything you feel uncertain about and start over. Start over from the last time you felt good about yourself or start from scratch. Think beyond the idea of trying to live life the RIGHT way and just do it YOUR way.

Your life is really simple, all you have to do is just live it - Jade

"We Don't Believe You, You Need More People"

I know for a fact that I have trust issues. I'm not trying make it anyone's fault but we live in a world where people are selling dreams and making millions off of lies .I don't normally give advice but whatever you do...DON'T HOLD ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE for your mistakes, emotions and types of BS you might get from people. Look at both ends of the stick and be ready to receive negative and positive outputs.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Lost Files" Entry 2

I can imagine myself in a locally owned coffee shop writing in my journal about a couple that I see. I am describing their body language and appearance as they sit there right in front me. I am so eager to hear their conversation that I wish I was the coffee that sits on their table. If I could draw, I would sketch a picture of myself being their waiter. Maybe it's their first time meeting.....

"Lost Files" Entry 1

"Lost Files" is the name of my stories/ diary entries that are unfinished. Purposely, I will not finish them because they are more of like an "idea"  that came to mind but very sentimental to me. Some ideas are just.... unforgettable.


Jessica is a little shy girl that people can not see because she lives in my heart. Jessie is my alter ego that everyone is trying to figure out but can't get a hold of.  Jade represents a woman that is precious as a rock but ...

Who are you today?- Simply Jade

Miss Jia | Black Celebrity Gossip | Latest Entertainment News

Miss Jia | Black Celebrity Gossip | Latest Entertainment News

Happy Thursday! I just wanted to share one of my favorite "Black Gossip" websites. Miss Jia 's website is where you can get the latest and most relevant gossip about your favorite celebrity. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lets talk about it.....

Have you ever been in love?

Did you tell him/her that you feel this way?

But do you love yourself?

Do you love someone that you can't have?

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt so bad it that feels good to get half if it's possible?

Are you waiting for the next boat to come?

But are you ready for it?

Do you think she/he is on that boat?

What happen if they are not?

Are you scared to take the trip without them?

What about the destination to happiness?

Wasn't that the whole point of going?

What about your friends?

Do they care about you and your well being?

Some weeks ago, I answered these questions. Fortunately, I came up with my own questions because I wanted to know the REAL reason of why I was feeling a certain way and what brings me to that state. My answers? Let's just say that they were RAW AND REAL. I did not like most of it but it was an eye opener.

It's not that complicated....  just keep it simple - Jade

The Return

I am returning to my blog with a new mind, attitude and desire. I have been holding back many things because of fear. Fear is emotion but not a good one to have and also a setback. Lets be clear that we all have gone through some phases where we seem to be afraid of everything that comes our way.  As of today, I am making an official return to my blog. On my blog, you should be able to feel some of connection rather it's about work, relationships, family or health. Of course, I don't know all the answers but through experiences and guidance from the best therapist in my area, I am able to share and learn anything that I want.

"I done lost my crown a long long long time agoI shouldn’t let it goI’m searching, tryna find my my my way backWay back to the throneAnd I know if I could climb through, can’t break these wallsThen maybe I’ll get homeI’m taking back what’s mine mine, no more will IBe pushed to the floor"
 Dawn Richard - Return of a Queen