Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#30WriteNow Challenge Day 6

Day 6 - "Write 30 interesting facts about yourself"

*sighs* This is a lot of work! I'll try my best!

1.) I love to please others any way that I can.
2.) I'm very hard on my appearance.
3.) I strive very hard to be happy.
4.) I love to help people.
5.) My passion is to be a Editor in Chief.
6.) I HATE shopping.
7.) I don't like the feel of being used.
8.) I don't like being treated like someone's bitch.
9.) 5'7 
10.) I'm sneaky.
11.) I'm secretive.
12.) I care and support the ones I love the most. (D.A.B.)
13.) I'm anemic. 
14.) I love dogs. I had 8 so far.
15.) I'm in loveeee with music (any genre).
16.) I never met my dad's father.
17.) I do believe in astrology.
18.) Cancer (sign).
19.) I hate taking pictures. 
20.) Favorite color is lavender.
21.) I've been overseas.
22.) I like lingerie.
23.) I love my curves ,brown eyes and eyebrows.
24.) I have to sleep with no TV or lights on.
25.) I'm very crazy about this one guy.
26.) I'm nosy.
27.) I feel lonely most of the time mentally and physically.
28.) I do have a good sense of humor.
29.) I wouldn't mind starting family if I had a chance to. 
30.) I have a big head. 

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