Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's Not What You Think...

I never thought that the mind was so powerful. I spend many hours each day just thinking about all kinds of things. Many of them are irrelevant and  feeds into my anxiety which causes it to be worse. All the "What if?" thoughts can make you feel worthless and out of control. I'm not ashamed to admit how my life went downhill just by the way I used my mind. After awhile, I started to wake up with an idea that I was going to have bad day and I didn't get dressed yet ( but I swear I'm not crazy lol). Don't get caught up in how you might feel about a positive situation, you might talk yourself out of it. If you concentrate on negativity , it's exactly what you are going to bring into your life. No, it's not an easy habit to kick but it will keep you from reaching goals and opportunities heading your way.

Gain positive thoughts -Simply Jade 

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