Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surfing Sunday 3

Who's having the worst week ever?

George Zimmerman! He pleads NOT guilty!

If you do not know about his case, I am concerned about you. To keep this short, I will like to say that this case is long overdue! To be honest...I had a feeling that he was going to get away with killing someone. Besides the racial issue that many people like to bring up, this young man( Trayvon Martin) was not causing harm to anyone and lost his life. Since no one is found guilty of all counts clearly shows that no one is safe in America (especially not in Florida).

Im from "Gunshine" State...Literally - Simply Jade 


  1. Yes it was beyond sad! Did you hear Obama's speech today? I was happy to know that he spoke out on Trayvon's behalf.


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it:) I definitely heard about it ( coming back from vacation) but I would like to see it for myself. Do you know if it's on YouTube.

      - Simply Jade