Saturday, June 22, 2013

Give Me My Change Please!

I really think the hardest part about life is change. We learn at a early age that consistency and discipline is the key to success but they never told us what to do when the ambition is gone. They never told us about the "Oh my God, I hate change" moment we may have. Since nothing last forever...why work so hard for things and try to be close to perfect? Do you still want to change now? Currently, I am changing so much to the point that I do things that reminds me of my bad habits. Geesh...that's awful on my behalf but some things are hard to let go of. Focusing on getting better but don't want to do better. Focusing on good living but not ready to live a healthier lifestyle.But what you're REALLY trying to say is "I'm ready for change but who am I changing for? ".

Something gotta give.....-Simply Jade

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