Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lets talk about it.....

Have you ever been in love?

Did you tell him/her that you feel this way?

But do you love yourself?

Do you love someone that you can't have?

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt so bad it that feels good to get half if it's possible?

Are you waiting for the next boat to come?

But are you ready for it?

Do you think she/he is on that boat?

What happen if they are not?

Are you scared to take the trip without them?

What about the destination to happiness?

Wasn't that the whole point of going?

What about your friends?

Do they care about you and your well being?

Some weeks ago, I answered these questions. Fortunately, I came up with my own questions because I wanted to know the REAL reason of why I was feeling a certain way and what brings me to that state. My answers? Let's just say that they were RAW AND REAL. I did not like most of it but it was an eye opener.

It's not that complicated....  just keep it simple - Jade

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